Covering up Child Sexual Abuse

Covering up Child Sexual Abuse

Between 60 and 80 percent of girls 15 and younger who become pregnant are impregnated by an adult, according to a recent report. The predators involved are well aware that their actions are criminal, yet they also know that they have allies among the abortion providers.

Life Dynamics, Inc., a Texas nonprofit pro-life organization, recently concluded a multi-year investigation into underage abortions. Their findings show that “that Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation have made a conscious decision to conceal the sexual exploitation of children and protect the men who commit these crimes.”

In every state mandated reporting laws require abortion providers to alert state officials when they have a reasonable suspicion that a child has been abused physically or sexually. Yet the abortion providers routinely ignore these laws.

4 thoughts on “Covering up Child Sexual Abuse

  1. We counsel young women to keep their babies at several PP killing mills here in Chicago, so we witness the men bringing the young women to kill their babies.

  2. Excellent posting!

    The only television we watch is Acorn tv for fifty dollars a year and a box and controller from Wally Mart, I highly recommend several of these BBC television series.
    Now we are great fans of the George Gently Mystery Detective series too.

    There are two poignant shows in the series we watched. One covered child sexual abuse and a murder in a former orphanage ,another involved Freemasonry.
    “A mafia for the mediocre”

    I do not think the general public truly understands the social ,physical ,psychological and personal ramifications of either topic.
    The link below is to the online version I believe .
    Listen carefully to the former Scotland Yard Detective’s dialogue as he attempts to enlighten the youthful opinionated Detective assigned to work with him and the audience viewing the program.

    May I recommend the two shows from series #2
    “Gently Through the Mill” and “Gently and the Innocents”–6U8L8CFYMF7AodVgIAcw

    I recall having a thirteen year old patient in the hospital when I was in my twenties.
    She confided to me that she did not want to return home post op because her mother’s live in boyfriend’s son was sexually abusing her. She had complained to her mother who apparently did not care.
    I went to my Supervising Nurse and then to the Physician. I was reprimanded by both for daring to speak about it.
    Decades later I decided to go directly to an employment lawyer for advice on ways to proceed reporting all types of patient abuse.

    Now that it is considered a criminal offense that you are obligated to report, many nurses still encounter all kinds of road blocks doing so.
    Apparently fear of bad public relations for a health care facility, school or church , still trumps the rights of innocent human beings , in many sectors of business.

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