“[Our] union with Jesus allows [us] now to be part of his conspiracy to undermine the structures of evil, which continue to dominate human history, with the forces of truth, freedom, and love.”

Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy

Welcome to the Truth Alliance Foundation

There are 60 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States today. One in four women and one in six men were sexually abused before they turned 18. Most never tell anyone, and the problem is getting worse. Our society has become wildly sexualized, and the  more sexualized the environment, the more dangerous it is for our children.

We need to do something about this.  We have to stop the abuse before it happens. The Truth Alliance Foundation, a Christian nonprofit organization engages in four interrelated initiatives aimed at addressing this serious issue.


Until enough people understand the scope and depth of the problem, few resources will be devoted to combat it. Moreover, unless we can see the problem clearly, no effective solutions can be devised.

The Truth Alliance Foundation has started to address this lack of understanding in the Chicago area by delivering informational presentations and seminars to interested groups. We will expand to other areas of the country as we grow in capacity. Our goal is for at least half of all church members to attend such a presentation.

Even though church attendance is not what it once was, 60% of Americans still attend church on a fairly regular basis. When enough people in the church become informed, they can carry the message to the rest of their community through the PTA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Park District programs, and so on. Additionally the informed can begin to recognize the predators and take the steps necessary keep them away from our children. They can begin to identify the signs of abuse and take action to stop it.


Anyone who works with children and teens must be screened. Criminal checks are not enough as most child sexual predators have not yet been caught. In fact, 98% of them have never been arrested and convicted.  Taking this into account, the Truth Alliance Foundation will help churches develop a comprehensive program that includes criminal background checks, but also includes several other investigative measures in combination with policies that govern the interactions between the church staff/volunteers and the children or teens.  We also audit existing programs to insure their effectiveness.

Crisis Response 

No prevention program can be 100% successful. Incidents will happen. When they do, the Truth Alliance Foundation can offer church leaders services to enhance their crisis response capability. Of course, any criminal incident needs to be reported to the police immediately. The police will conduct the criminal investigation. Nevertheless, church leaders, in order to prevent future incidents and in order to protect themselves legally, need to conduct an internal investigation. We help conduct these internal investigations on behalf of the church leadership. Our skilled investigators work together with experienced trial attorneys to gather all of the necessary information to make informed decisions.


Statistics may tell the broad story about child sexual abuse, but in depth case studies provide the only way to see the face of both the victims and the predators. Both victims and predators engage in a variety of patterns of behavior that are recognizable if you know what to look for. We conduct selected case studies, then report on our findings, in order to make these patterns more visible to expert researchers and to the general public.

We also know that predators often operate in cooperation with one another in predicable ways. There are a wide variety of such networks based on the sex, age and interests of their preferred victims, as well as many other factors that come into play. These networks need to be investigated much more thoroughly. One of our goals is to identify and catalogue these types of networks based on their distinguishing characteristics.



Our research into the hidden networks of child sexual predators is aided by Sentinel Visualizer, a superb tool to make the hidden, visible.  We deeply appreciate their support.