Preventing Pregnancy or Promoting Promiscuity?

Modern sex education curricula, using so called “comprehensive” sex ed materials, is now being taught in an increasing number of schools from K to 12. Supposedly, these programs will lead to a reduction in STD’s, child pregnancies, and bullying (bullying?). The U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Education, various civil rights organizations and LGBT groups have joined forces to impose these enlightened sex education programs on the unenlightened masses. This coalition was so successful in bludgeoning the Anoka, MN school system into compliance with their progressive program that we are sure to see similar coalitions muscling school districts around the country into submission to their sexual agenda.

The question is, do these new programs accomplish what is claimed? The more important question is, what is the hidden agenda of these programs and the people behind them?

Between 2008 and 2010 males aged 13 to 24 newly diagnosed with HIV increased from 7,200 to 8,800, a 22 percent increase, according to the CDC. More than 90 percent of them were infected by male to male sexual activity. This is an alarming increase in new infections, especially considering that the vast majority of infections would have been the result of sex between a child, and either an older child or an adult. In other words, these cases were largely the result of predatory sexual activity.

My friend and colleague, Dr. Judith Reisman, points out in a recent article in Salvo Magazine that the increase in HIV infections was predicted in the late 80’s by gay activists as the inevitable and unavoidable consequence of efforts by older homosexuals to “socialize” younger boys into the gay lifestyle. She goes on to document that some members of the gay community nevertheless discourage young initiates from being tested for HIV at the same time they encourage these boys to engage in sodomy, the activity that most frequently causes the transmission of HIV.

Have you heard about this increase in HIV infections among children? That it was predicted 25 years ago? Or that some LGBT activists discourage HIV testing while encouraging teen boys to engage in sodomy? If so, you didn’t hear it in the mainstream press. You didn’t hear it from the LGBT community. And you didn’t hear it from so called sex education “professionals.”

Why not? Where is the gay community on this issue? Why does the press suppress such information? Why do the “professionals” avoid talking about it?

The majority of those in the gay community do not support the unbridled promiscuity of the minority any more than the majority in the heterosexual community support the hook up culture that is so intensively promoted by Hollywood. And even though groups like the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) have been embraced by many under the LGBT umbrella, most homosexuals do not support them.

So why the silence about HIV infections of the youth and the active efforts by older homosexuals to recruit and socialize boys into their community? Beyond that, where is the outcry from the gay community about the active trafficking of boys for sexual purposes? Human trafficking is a popular cause today in mainstream society, but the trafficking of children for sexual purposes is presented as though young girls are almost exclusively the victims in this activity. The sexual exploitation of boys is almost ignored, except for the rare case like Jerry Sandusky at Penn State. As far as you would know from the media, you would think that boy prostitution is nearly nonexistent.

Where is the condemnation from the gay community over the sexual abuse by priests? Most of the victims are boys—tens of thousands of them over the years. And what response was there from the LGBT community over the allegations by Corey Feldman about the pedophile culture in Hollywood? Mostly silence. At least they haven’t come out in defense of the abusers, unlike the hundreds of Hollywood elites who defended pervert supreme, Roman Polanski, the rapist and sodomizer of a 13 year old girl.

In addition to the increase in HIV infections, you probably have heard about the increases of infections among teens for other STD’s.

The CDC reports that between 2006 and 2009 the incidence of Chlamydia has increased 19 percent and the incidence of Syphilis has increased 39 percent. On the other hand, Gonorrhea has declined 17 percent during that same period. While these totals are not broken down by age, those under 30 account for the majority of all STD’s. And the CDC also reports that gay men account for 63% of the incidence of Syphilis. Think about that. Gay men account for less than 2 percent of the population, yet are infected with 63% of the total cases of Syphilis!

STD’s aren’t just increasing in the gay community. The problem is pandemic!

And our youth are being exposed to this, intentionally, by what appears to be a minority of gay sexual predators.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the predators constitute a minority. The LGBT community focuses little attention toward the problem of adult/child sex. And I certainly have not seen any outrage about it. Privately, in conversations with a few friends who have contacts in the gay community I’m told that gays, like heterosexuals, abhor the sexual abuse of children. On the other hand, I have yet to get a straight answer about why they don’t speak out against it.

Likewise, there is a deafening silence from the experts, the sex researchers, on these issues. They even go along with sophistry of linking bullying to inadequate education about all things sexual. Absurd.

There are proven medical and emotional reasons for children to remain sexually abstinent until they are adults (see the book, “You’re Teaching my Child What?” by Dr. Miriam Grossman), but the educators ignore that science. Children and parents are kept in the dark about the consequences of premature sexual activity—addictions, increased cancer risk, sexual dysfunction in later life, exposure and greater susceptibility to advances by sexual predators, and on and on. The difficulties of teaching self-control and self-discipline and self-sacrifice are considered insurmountable when it comes to taming sexual passions of the young. Instead they have developed programs designed to inflame those passions and guide our children toward sexual experimentation.

The average non activist, generally uninformed, person, both gay and straight, tend to go along with activists who seem able to make a compelling case, especially when the “experts” and the government support the cause. In addition, more is better. Right? More sex education HAS to be better than less. The average parent doesn’t think through all the implications. Most of us are willing to leave these technical decisions to the experts. They’re experts, after all.

Some of us, though, see the implications. Some of us recognize that these so called experts are more like the Wizard of Oz than the Wizard of Menlo Park. Some of us see that the new comprehensive sex education programs are part of the problem, not the cure.

The way I read the statistics, it doesn’t seem to me that inadequate sex education is the cause of increasing STD’s. To the contrary, the trend toward more and more sex education that teaches and promotes sexual experimentation seems to be linked to the recent increases.

STD rates increased dramatically during the sexual revolution of the 60’s and early 70’s. The Gonorrhea rates show this most clearly. In 1960 the rate per 100,000 was about 150. By 1975 that rate increased sharply to 464 and then began a steep decline to 1960 levels in 1990. By 2009, the rate had steadily declined to 99. In 2011 that figure had increased slightly to 104 per 100,000. This was up 4% from the previous year. Based on the increases in Chlamydia and Syphilis it looks like Gonorrhea also is starting to trend upwards again. Increases in all three appear to be driven by increased sexual activity by teens and those in their early 20’s.

So what does this mean? Looking at the sharp decrease starting in 1975, it seems we can attribute this to the sex education that was taught during that period. Not only were high school students, and young adults, made aware of the dramatic increases in what was then called venereal diseases, they were also informed about methods to avoid infection. Nevertheless, the education focused on basic sexual facts and on abstinence as the only sure way to avoid contracting a disease (and getting pregnant). Even when instruction was given on prevention, virginity until marriage remained a social value that was taught in schools.

In the last two decades all that has changed. In addition to sexual promiscuity being promoted on cable and network television stations, sex education programs increasingly promote sexual experimentation for children as young as 10 years old. And it is not only sexual experimentation with opposite sex partners that is promoted. Same sex experimentation and exploration also is encouraged in the sex education curricula, in school library books assigned in literature classes, in class discussions, by Planned Parenthood counsellors, and on web sites that children are directed to do research for class projects.

These materials being taught are explicit. Oral and anal sex, fisting, various sexual positions, use of sex toys, methods of masturbation as well as mutual masturbation all are explicitly described and promoted.

Hooking up rather than virginity is implicitly, if not overtly, promoted. Pleasure is the ultimate value as long as all parties are consenting.

It is any surprise that the STD rates are beginning to increase again? The only thing that surprises me is that the rate isn’t increasing faster. The more these “comprehensive” sex education programs spread, you can be sure that the rate will start to increase faster. This is only the beginning of a new epidemic.

Unfortunately, increases in STD’s are the least of the problems. The total destruction of youthful innocence is the much more serious consequence. Even worse than that is opening the door for all manner of predators to exploit our immature and inexperienced children.

No, these programs are not going to accomplish what they claim. And the real agenda is to redefine “healthy sexuality” to mean unrestrained hedonism.

Don’t be fooled.

2 thoughts on “Preventing Pregnancy or Promoting Promiscuity?

  1. As incredibe or conspiratorial as it seems , there is a concerted effort to decrease the population on the planet which extends far back into the last century.
    There are credible testimonials which people choose to ignore.
    I received a document in the mail entitled “WHO Murdered Africa” in the late eighties.
    After reading it I set is aside.
    Several years later I was invited to a private home by a priest where a leading Retrovirologist from a prominent research hospital in the city gave an HIV/AIDS presentation. The majority of those in attendance were adolescent and young adult males who belonged to this priest’s youth group.
    His slide show and talk confirmed everything in the document from several years earlier. His reason for doing this was because he cared about the future of all children. Several years later invited him to speak on stage to a large group. There he refused to answer questions about the origin of the virus. I questioned him as to why his presentation omitted the key information he had presented in the private informational at the in home meeting.
    His answer was simply that if he revealed the truth publicly his funding would be cut and his career would be ended.
    I submit the same here for your determination. My feeling is that “conspiracy” has become a cleverly designed stop think terminology to end all debate.This Retrovirologist told me ,”EVERY credible microbiologist researcher knows the truth.”

    If one listens to this presentation by a friend’s Physician Pediatrician upon her urging , a similar picture emerges in greater detail.

    Today on the News a Chief of police was found to have thousands of images on his computer. Because prominent and powerful people in the government and communities
    have been seduced into perversions , sadly, I do not think complete eradication of sexual perversion and abuse will ever be accomplished.
    and this………

    My own disturbing experience.
    My husband lost his job in 2001 shortly after 9/11. We moved and he searched for work for about two and a half years. I returned to my field of employment after a hiatus of twenty years despite being ill. One night I awoke in tears and sat on the sofa praying. Once I composed myself I turned on the television to see a close up on Mother Angelica. ( the end of one of her shows) .
    The elderly nun said that the economy was going to get very bad all over the world. She added ,’Many of you will not be able to even buy a banana.”
    “After that 2/3 of the world’s population will die. I cannot tell you how I know this but ” am telling you the truth!” For the next few weeks I searched the internet and made calls to find out is anyone else had seen this program. I called her Order’s Vocation Director and he told me.”…. the program must have been a rerun because it sounded familiar.”
    “SOUNDED FAMILIAR?” How is it that this nun who is being propped up to continue the popularity of the reowned network and who is the topic of their books described as a living saint would have such an earth shattering prediction swept under the rug by her own Order of priests and nuns? I found one blog site in which a poster asked if anyone had seen her make some profound statements the night before at the end of the Dec 12th 2000 show.
    He said she had rushed in to the studio from Huntsville to Birmingham in order to announce this. I looked up the rerun in the EWTN online library. The last fifteen minutes of this same show was replaced by music.
    Now I KNOW people who cannot even afford to buy a banana much less find employment.
    Now I see the global angst over the economic conditions which have overtaken the world and I wonder how long it will be before the rest of what she said comes to pass.She predicted this at the end of the year 2000.
    The conspiracy theories are all out here on the internet, mired amongst sensationalists and frauds. I only determine truth by what I hear first hand or when it comes from someone who is not seeking fame and or finance. Shortly afterwards Mother had a stroke and signed over her network. From what I have heard since from people who live near her convent and know her condition ,the truth of her happiness now is anything but what is being reported.

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