Join the Battle – Stop Child Sexual Predators

This is such a disturbing story on so many levels. Years ago I was personally involved in the arrest of a couple like this who were sexually abusing their two little children. Fortunately such cases are not all that common. Or at least they aren’t caught that often. Aside from the complete and utter depravity of this kind of abuse, the fact that we know so little about the motivation of such perpetrators and the frequency of these crimes is almost as disturbing.

How do people become so twisted? We don’t know.

The fact is we don’t know much more about these deviants today than we did thirty five years ago when I was involved in arresting that Chicago area couple. What we do know is that the frequency of this kind of abuse seems to be increasing. But the data is not all that clear.

In fact, the data on child sexual abuse in general presents a pretty fuzzy and distorted picture of the problem. Yet unless you can see the problem clearly, efforts to solve it will have limited success. Correcting this is one of our primary goals.

Join with us in this effort. You can start by sharing our posts with your network and encouraging your friends to “Like” our Facebook page  (Truth Alliance Foundation – Spread the word. Stop the predators.


Mother Sentenced in “Daddy Daughter Sex” Child Porn Operation Involving 4 Year Old – The Free Patriot.

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