Teen Girls are Becoming Increasingly Sexually Predatory

Since the mid 90’s there has been a dramatic increase in the number and percenatage of child sexual abuse victims who are abused by other juveniles–at least in Switzerland. According to a recently concluded study by researchers at the University of Zurich, “over half of the female victims and more than 70 percent of the male victims reported that they had been abused by a juvenile perpetrator.” The vast majority of the girls–whether the abuse was non physical, physical without penetration, or physical with penetration–were abused by boys. But with the male victims there was a surprising number of female perpetrators in all categories, indicating increased aggression by that group.

If this study were conducted in American schools, it is likely that there would be similar results since children here are becoming increasingly sexualized. Older peers are becoming more of a danger to our children, than adults. Boys are increasingly becoming targets of both male and female predators. And most disturbing, it appears that girls are becoming increasingly predatory.


Increase in child sexual abuse via the internet – Medical News Today.

One thought on “Teen Girls are Becoming Increasingly Sexually Predatory

  1. This is the end result of the CIA supported feminist agenda.
    I was left to wonder why when Gloria Stenhem admitted her Ms Magazine was supported by our own CIA.


    Juxtaposed to this is the reality that women have been exploited as objects of sexual recreation by the media that man has thoroughly embibed in through pornography and prostitution, while Christian Churches have remained mum from most of the pulpits.

    Isn’t it ironic that the Scriptures tell us that God judges a nation and the men therein, by allowing them to become ruled over by the effeminate and women?
    How many men secretly rejoiced when the contraception pills came to market?
    How many men have urged and consoled their impregnated wives and lovers to have abortions they would pay for?
    How many husbands and children have been left without their wives and mother’s thanks to these perceived medical remedies for society?

    In early the 2000’s the Women’s Health Initiative dispelled the that hormone replacenet meds (HRT) for post menopausal women protected them against heart attacks ,strokes and cancers through their long term research study. Fact is , they discovered the opposite was true.
    These are the same hormones we give women and teens in b/c pills.
    One brave Physician put the truth out on youtube.
    Oddly , I do not seem to able to connect to the video! Perhaps ObamaCare proponents found the truth a little too offensive?
    How The Pill Kills – YouTube
    ► 18:36► 18:36
    Jun 5, 2012 – Uploaded by American Life League
    Dr. Angela Lanfranchi is a breast surgeon and clinical assistant professor of surgery at Robert Wood Johnson …

    So I will redirect to another site.

    C’mon men ,especially you who extol the original virtues intended for the Order of the Knights Templar, take back the virtues of defense and protection of women,children and the elderly that God gave you authority for!

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