Is the Bias Against Gay Parenting Justified?

I’ve never been a proponent of same sex parenting, especially of adoptions by single gays or same sex couples. I have always believed that children need a mother and a father in accordance with God’s design. But not only does my religious worldview bias me against same sex parenting, my professional experience has reinforced my bias.

I have seen too many horrendous examples of abuse linked to same sex parenting. My earliest expample was a homosexual fence (someone who facilitates the criminal redistribution of stolen property) who adopted a young boy who he turned into his lover. As the boy aged he trained him to become a world class burglar who would steal from the super wealthy in places like Palm Springs, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, etc. and then sell the loot using his “father’s” fencing connections.

Of course, there’s also the most recent example of the two Australian men (about whom I’ve already written) who adopted the Russian child, turned him into their own sex toy and then passed him around to international contacts for their “enjoyment” as well. All this before the boy turned 8.

While it’s true that heterosexual parents can do things just as terrible, and, conversely, that same sex parents can be wonderful and loving, I think this most recent study points to same sex parents generally being much worse by a significant margin.

If you want to see the full study, it is available here:

Articles: As It Turns Out, It Does Make a Difference.

6 thoughts on “Is the Bias Against Gay Parenting Justified?

  1. Who will speak out?
    The Pope says, “I cannot judge”and way too many Catholics condemn conversations on the topic as if by speaking the Truth people are attacking the Church itself.
    Religious leaders all keep mum for fear their own moral inconsistancies will be exposed in retaliation.
    Most moral men and women are so disgusted with the topic so they too disregard any conversation . Teachers are politically and pschologically workshopped and are blinded on genuine moral issues.
    “The first half of the talk featured the display of incomprehensible “erudition” professors use to put their audiences into a respectful trance. Then Kincaid came out with his trademark message. He implied that everyone is sexually attracted to children and only pedophiles are honest enough to admit it.
    This is the strategy homosexual activists also use. Anyone who doesn’t want their “lifestyle” to become the societal norm is a closeted gay himself.
    Kincaid said there was no need to protect children from predators. Conservatives created this bogeyman to uphold the outdated institution of family and “US identity.” Society is hypocritical because it eroticizes children at the same time as it persecutes pedophiles.
    I beg to differ, Prof. Kincaid. Illuminati social engineers, homosexuals and pedophiles sexualize children. Society objects because your values have not yet taken over.
    The audience laughed in agreement when he said child predators are really FBI agents trying to arrange a sting. He pictured two FBI agents making an assignation. “Nothing ever happens,” he says.”It’s a thought crime.” – See more at:

  2. Be leery of “scientific” studies by advocacy groups. Allen is affiliated with anti-gay organizations such as NOM, the Ruth Institute, Ave Maria University and BYU. (The same is true of the Regenerus study). His research has been criticized as unscientific. Some of the “evidence” Allen relies on is the TV show “Modern Family”!;
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but intellectual honesty is important.

  3. I found this comment of interest following the story on Prof Makow’s blog.
    Could it be that the paternal presence in our society is mum and intellectualy self dishonest due to a sense of collective and individual guilt for their own secret bahaviours?

    “Roman said (October 20, 2013):

    “It’s common sense that the body is ready to reproduce when it finishes growing. The only reason there is sex ed and sexualization of culture is to shock, demoralize and pervert children so that these demons could have them.

    Normal kids who weren’t exposed to it aren’t
    interested in that crap. Whats more demoralizing and shocking for a child than finding out about normal sex is finding out about homos and
    what they practice. It makes them numb and kills part of the soul. So later they accept abnormal, deviant, satanic behavior as normal and
    acceptable. And anyone who has a natural discernment of whats normal and whats disgusting, they see as evil.

    I don’t remember having an erection or an erotic dream until 12 and that was probably awakened by some dirty magazines that I found. I believe masturbation is a learned habit and I would not need it if not learned and never started, because I heard some kids talking about it at school. Don’t know any animals that masturbate except for chimps.

    In Russian and other languages pederast means homo. If men had any sense of right and wrong left they would taken the law into their own
    hands long ago.”
    – See more at:

    1. Are you suggesting that “Prof Makow” ( is a reliable authority? If so, we are entering some seriously strange territory. “Prof” Makow’s blog gives us the following wisdom “while the goal of Freemasonry is Communism, Masons will not have a seat at the table. That is reserved for Jews.” Wow! I’m not buying that guy as an authority on anything.

      1. When you read an article check out the links to the evidence and decide for yourself.
        Not so smart in the information age to take everything you read at face value. Do some research on your own. I agree and I do.
        “Conspiracy Theory” is a stop think tactic created by those who professionally discredit truth for a price. They are Publicists, Fixers, Professional Assistants, Lawyers, Professional writers and speakers.
        Makow is Jewish by birth and a Professor who has made his money . I do not think having a blog is motivated by greed on his part. He is passionate about what he knows to be true and cares very much for the youth in today’s upside down society.

        The fact that Freemasonry claims origin with the Knights Templars itself is very telling. The document , the “Chinon Parchment”, came from the Vatican’s own Secret Archives which were made public briefly several years ago.
        Not so funny that the Vatican and the Press gave them a reprieve on the charge of heresy minus the documented letter of King Phillip which is specific on the many wittnesses involved and can be found in old historical texts along with the Inquirey conducted by the English who used no torture to elicit confessions.
        The charges were based on the ( initiation ritual in which they spat on the Corpus of Jesus Christ).
        But the current stories make light reference to no such reprieve on the charges of blasphemy and immorality. Spitting on the Crucifix was explained away by the Templars as an effort to instill convincing preparation should they be captured by the Moslems, but their sodomite actions with priests during their initiation rituals was not explained away. In the past three decades the catholic books and news reports have moved away from reproducing the moral outrage of King Phillip’s original letter on Templar charges in lieu of the long time masonic propaganda that he was only after their money. The synthesis continues as with Marxist Communism .
        Thesis vs AntiThesis = Synthesis .Learn what the dialectic is all about.
        Albert Pike of Freemasonry fame, gives reference to a similar ceremony in the Masonic Orders read the “Morals and Dogmas”

  4. Some things are not all that new. What is new is the lack of moral outrage that King Phillip IVth expressed in his letter of 9/14/1307,to his Provincial Administrators in Normandy.
    “They were also accused of practicing institutionalised homosexuality, making offerings to
    idols and adoring a cat.”
    The Chinon Parchment released by the Vatican in 2001….
    “The pope ascertained that Templars were involved in some serious forms of immorality but that they were not heretics.”
    CONCORD REVIEW – The Gunnery
    Even more interesting was the Fourth Crusade and the Children’s Crusade. Piety had reached a fevered pitch amongst the Faithful peasants and overshadowed the parental common sense for those who sent their children off to fight the moslems. Few lived to sail and the ones who made it were sold into slavery.
    The Fourth Crusade sealed any attempt to reunite the Church of the East with that of the West.In 1204 the Crusaders broke into Constantinople .They looted burned and killed fellow Christians .They commited acts of sacrilege in Hagia San Sophia on the altar and in other churches and the Shroud disappeared from the city along with many other relics which now adorn St Mark’s on Venice.Pope JP2 returned some relics to the Eastern Orthodox yet was heavily criticized by some tradionalists who do not know their Church History. see Catholic text ,Christ the King Lord of History by Anne W Carroll by tan books pp 176-200.

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