Catastrophic Failure of Child Protective Services

The average person, sheltered from knowledge about the most evil segments of our culture, are shocked when they hear of such cases as this. The idea that a woman would adopt children for the specific purpose of sexually abusing them and renting them out for others to abuse, is inconceivable. These kinds of cases seem to be increasing, but I don’t have any statistics to back up my impressions.

Whether or not the numbers of the depraved is increasing, this kind of abuse by adoptive parents reveals a catastrophic failure of the child protective services in this country. This is inexcusable. #childsexualabuse

2 thoughts on “Catastrophic Failure of Child Protective Services

  1. So many stats are purposed to be askewed anyway, so as to promote a paricular agenda.

    I have circulated you site so as to educate and still I received a call from a nurse friend who educates nurses aids. She was shocked in private conversation with one male student who claims to be married to another male . Accordingly told , they are both practicing “catholics” as she is also. Trouble is she became tongue tied when he said they wanted to adopt.
    she told me that he admitted both he and his partner suffered sexual abuse by adult males and from that time on he wanted ,” …nothing to do with females.”
    Sadly in her reply to his desire to adopt statement ,she encouraged him by saying she could tell he had so much love in him.
    I inquired as to whether she referred him to Catholic teaching from the Scriptures on the subject as the wife of a Deacon and since he expressed he was also a Catholic .Her reply was ,
    “You have no idea how hard it is to get a nursing job these days.”

    Yes I do !
    Litagation swings both ways. It is also question of speaking up for the Truth and that takes courage. Along with common sense, both seem to be in very short supply.
    Getting along to get along with the politically correct is in plentiful supply and it is not just that,”… the average people are sheltered from the most evil segments of our culture.” People are more like the three monkeys who see hear and speak no evil ( even when they are fully aware of it ) because it is the easier way .

  2. Sick world, sick nation, sick people.

    I believe the USA is going to be judged by God, when this happened to Israel in the Old Testament, they were given over to the enemies and conquered and driven into slavery. We think it can’t happen here because we are too big and powerful, but look around, we’ve been invaded, they are all around us and when things turn bad all of the immigrants will turn against us. The USA uses more drugs than the rest of the world combined, we lead the world in porn and all kinds of perversion, yet more and more this is accepted. God judged Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed them completely, God judged Israel many time for their falling away. Why would he not judge America which he has blessed more than any other nation, yet we turn away from him?

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