Are the Numbers of Child Molesters Increasing?

What do you suppose will come of the boy victim in this story?

One of the things mentioned in the article is that after years of abuse, the boy became an active and ready participant in the sexual activity.

Here’s a fact. Children experience pleasure by the manipulation of their sexual organs regardless of their age. There is nothing built in to a child’s brain that tells them the activity is unhealthy so they can easily be trained to cooperate with predators like this lawyer and the many others who abused him. The child, on his own, would have never escaped from this lifestyle, and most likely because the abuse began so early and lasted so long, he probably will forever be drawn back to it.

Here’s another fact. There are large numbers of people in this country and around the world who believe that what this lawyer, the adoptive parents and the 70,000 members of did to this child is okay. The number who believe this is growing daily.  Why?

I know the answer to that question, but I want to hear what you think.

Local attorney charged in world wide pedophile ring – WFTX-TV Fort Myers/Naples, FL.

3 thoughts on “Are the Numbers of Child Molesters Increasing?

  1. My apologies for a lengthy reply/comment here but I feel a need to tell our own true story in the hope that some other person might be helped by our story.

    My youngest was an eight yr old third grade student in a Parochial school. I was the part time school nurse and was told I was chosen for the position for full time in January when the older nurse retired.
    A little girl moved into our rural neighborhood right next door. Both my daughter and she were happy to have the same aged friend close by. Unbeknown to me the mother registered her daughter into the Parochial school and told me later that she had even requested the same class as my child.
    My daughter complained immediately to me that the child had tried to have her look at her genital area while they were playing. I spoke to the little girl and told her this was improper and that if she had a problem she should show her mother and perhaps see a Physician. I watched her after that a little more carefully and made sure they played in my sight and earshot. They were chasing each other while pretending their little toy ponies were racing on the back porch. The child became very excited and threw herself down on the outdoor sofa and began touching herself. Seeing this from the reflection of the french door I called her in and again asked if she had a problem.
    By then I realized she was not a good playmate for my child and I decided to speak to her mother.
    The mother was shaking as she lit her cigarette when I told her what I had observed.She confided that she felt her first husband, the child’s biological father, was abusing her during the one weekend a month she spent overnight with him. She also said the girl was always being sent to the school nurse and removed from the classroom in the public school and that the nurse would call her and tell her to take her to her Pediatrician because she, ” …was falling asleep in class.”

    When the girls would get off the school bus, my own child would run to the door and beg me not to allow the girl inside. My child began to have nightmares. She told me this girl would tell things to her using words she did not understand and did not want to know about. She said the nightmares were about someone who, “… had hurt the girl and she was afraid he would hurt her too.” The girl was also relaying what she had seen in pornographic movies at home.
    Then an incident occurred in the bathroom during which this child again asked my daughter to look at her genitals. My child refused and was knocked down onto the floor and in her own words the girl ,” moved up and down on top of her.” After questioning her and making sure she was not touched inappropriately I decided to go speak with a Physician I knew whose professional opinion I trusted.
    He thought I was consulting about another patient and openly gave me his opinion/diagnosis.

    I described all three incidents. He said the first invitation by the child to the other to view her genitals could just be “normal curiosity.” The second in which the child was manipulating herself sounded like a case of “precocious puberty”.But the third , involved “rejection” and then knocking the child onto the ground was definitely an act of a child who herself was being sexually abused and that “rejection” was the significant emotional trigger for all his patients who experience sexual abuse.
    The adult molester uses the conflicting psychological emotions of sexual pleasure and love to elicit cooperation after which, the victim feels an overwhelming sense of rejection guilt and loss of personal power over their own being.

    Now I knew I had to meet with the Principal the mother and report this to DYFS which I did. I also removed my own child and home schooled her after consulting with a Child Psychologist. He advised me that when my child reached the age of puberty what this girl confided to her would make more sense to her. I also called the Pastor to tell him we needed to report the situation to DYFS.( Division of Youth and Family Services), because if it came out later what we suspected both the Principal and or myself would have out professional licenses taken away.He screamed at me that he had a MA in Psychology and there was, “No such law requiring us to do so.” I informed him there certainly was!
    Several years later he was in court answering charges that he had embezzled five thousand and given it to his Assistant Pastor to skip the country after it was publicized that finally parents had gone to the police because the priest had molested their asolescent girls and the Pastor had told them all he would ,”….take care of it.”. That priest is still wanted by the FBI.

    The Principal told me she could not allow me to home school. Thank God I knew better and after meeting with the Superintendent of Public schools in the district I found that the parish school purchased all the old public school textbooks every two years at a fraction of the price while charging the parents in their tuition bills three times the price had they been new! In other words, the Catholic school lied to parents in the tuition statement breakdown. The texts never came home because they were stamped with the public school’s own stamp and it was feared that some parent may figure out that they paid for the books already in their tax dollars and worse yet find out the real cost and over charges of the curriculum.

    Six months after I removed my child from the school another mother whose child was in the same class called me .Her daughter was physically molested at a sleepover birthday party during which the same girl elicited several other students to hold her child down and force her into an oral sexual act. They were nine years old at the time and the Bday Party host mother had thought it appropriate to show a movie which included sexual acts.
    I laughed when I was told the nun Principal had remedied everything by having the children wear their gym shorts under their uniforms!
    Later I was shocked to hear that a Family Psychologist had advised the molested child’s parents to keep her in the same class with the same youthful abuser and her accomplices because ,as the mother explained to me ” This is the real world.” i asked this mother what would she do if she herself was raped in college by a fellow student. Would she remain in the same class for the term with her sexual abuser much less throughout elementary school till graduation?

    Providentially, five or six years later, I was told by another mother who had decided to home school her youngest children that this same family, whose child was seriously abused by her peers at this sleep over party, had enrolled their daughter as a teen into an
    “… overnight religious encounter program run by the Diocese because she now had serious emotional problems.”

    Thoughout the years I have concluded that most parents are very naive worse yet ,those who are involved in Catholicism have serious issues clouding their common sense when it comes to priests and nuns. They seem to be under the false notion that those who are educated and religious know better than they how to protect children .
    in particular a Fr Peter Stravinskas, who was recently featured as a guest on the Mic’d up internet program of Churchmilitant tv ,praising the Parochial school systems.
    He cited statistics claiming that Catholic schools in Chicago are superior to the pubic schools in academics. Yet in 2011 this same Catholic educational “expert” condemned Catholic home schooling families for not producing religious vocations and driving a wedge between children and the priesthood. Nothing could be farther from the truth because in truth these parents and their children recognize more than others the problems in the institutional Church and he is considered without a doubt by so many to be one of them.

  2. This outrageous attack on our children started with the Kinsey Studies fraud. and the sodomite community continues their assault on Christian values and the natural law.

    1. I for one am very seriously concerned for the future of our children and grandcildren in this country. Most especially for those good people who are Catholics that have an ingrained pious awe for clerics and other religious. I am not speaking about respect in the normal sense of the word , but a religious piety that clouds their judgement and causes them to excuse behaviours that would signal red flags if the same were present in other persons.
      There are clerics who are capitalizing on this to enhance their own reputation now. Some of whom now say the Tridentine Latin Mass that is so dear to the laity who have been exposed to flagrant liturgical abuses post Vatican Two. These clerics know that their Mass attendees will defend them against any suggestions of impropiety by other parishioners.
      Not only have rectory employees seen this, but other priests have told me they dare not report anything for fear they themselves will be punished by their Bishop for doing so.
      Sadly, I also know of boys whose parent’s allowed them to be groomed by these priests for a “vocation” and later entered the seminary, left and have not been at Church since. It is most difficult to speak out when your parents have become convinced they have a “special place in heaven” because their son became a priest and they have already dissapointed them by leaving the seminary.
      Not only are there troops of Kinseyite Psychologists and Psychiatrists practicing, but they also work for Catholic charities and several young men confused about their own sexuality due to abuses in their past have told me they have been sent to these professionals by priests and were told to act out sexually on whatever or whomever they feel is right for them.
      Now we have a Pope who has given public interviews which have smothered the Truth of Church teaching to the point that he has become popular with those the previous Pope labeled “disordered.”
      In answer to your question TR concerning what will happen to this boy, I know exactly what you do and I am frightened that there are too few men, much less clerics of courage, who will speak out to defend and protect family life for the future of society.

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