“The Moral Structure of Pedophilia”

The British Press of the 1930’s named Aleister Crowley the most evil man in the world. He was a satanist, a pedophile, a bisexual promoter of unbridled hedonism whose motto was “Do What Thou Wilt.” In the 70’s he was hailed as one of the 100 greatest Briton’s of all time. And today, the world is rapidly conforming to his vision of the way it should be.

Neutralizing the predators is going to take a lot more than just locking up a legion of pedophiles. We need a revival of morality, we need a recommitment to virtue.

The Moral Structure of Pedophilia | Public Discourse.

2 thoughts on ““The Moral Structure of Pedophilia”

  1. Not surprising that the Opus Dei affiliated Witherspoon Institute would publish a moral common sense article on child abuse in it’s various forms with the punch line that Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict at least called a sin a sin.

    But as first the head of the CDF and then as Pope in an albeit brief Papacy, what did he do to reach out to those impacted by clerical pedophilia and other sinful perversions under his watch?
    One only has to look at the case of Marcel Maciel and his Legion Order. It is an ongoing saga whose victims continue to mount despite the so called sanction shortly before his death and the alleged attempt at reform which purports to be salvaging vocations while many of it’s ranks believe the salvage is really about the financial gains acquired and managed by a perverted drug addicted con artist in a cassock who bought off Vatican prelates with expensive gifts.

  2. Then again maybe I am missing something here ?
    “……..but the former Pope Benedict, the gentle-spoken and staid professor of a morality that was not so long ago taken for granted by nearly everyone, he whose only sin is that he still calls a sin a sin, could only wish to be treated with dull neutrality, or even respectful enmity. Style, man, style.”

    Well, then again maybe not. “….he whose only sin ………..” At least he cloaked his speech and actions in “style” as did Maciel.

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