The Rape Cure?

This is the kind of disgusting miscarriage of justice that makes us all cynical toward our system.  There is absolutely no excuse to reduce this guys sentence to sex offender treatment and probation.  I need to be very clear about this–there is NO treatment for these kinds of predators that will eliminate their predatory behavior.  Any treatment professionals who say otherwise (and actually believe it) are fooling themselves.

These predators are masters of the con.  And any competent psychologist knows this.  The only way to keep children safe from these men is to keep them locked up.  I don’t care how nice, how kind, how remorseful they may seem.  They are not.  You simply cannot believe what you think you see.  You must look only at what they have done.

In this guy’s case he’s not even being honest.  He raped the boys to keep them sexually pure?  Even his logic is disgusting.  He is twisted beyond repair.

While I believe that all things are possible for God, I have yet to see any evidence of any miraculous cure of any child sexual predator.  If anyone has any such evidence, show it to me.  In the mean time the judge who handed down this sentence should be removed from office.

Pastor Who Claimed He Raped Teenage Boys to Keep Them “Sexually Pure” Will Not Serve Jail Time | Alternet.

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