Old Crimes Do Not Equal Old Problems

Most victims who come forward about the abuse they experience come forward years after the abuse ended.  Many never come forward at all.  Victims often experience shame, guilt and fear or a combination of all three.  These are what secure their silence.  These are the source of their torment and suffering.

Simply because the crimes being brought forward today are ancient history, that does not mean that children are not being abused in churches today.  It’s not just the Catholic church, it’s not just churches.  Every institution that works with children is a magnet for child molesters.  Too many of these institutions are not committed to keeping the deviants away from contact with children.  And too many of them spend more time and energy trying to cover up that fact and their false reputations than trying to protect children.

The lasting solution to this problem will only be found when all of the institutions come clean and open up their secret files voluntarily.  Most churches aren’t doing it, certainly not the Catholic church.  As for the schools, well, they are gleefully rushing headlong into endorsing every form of deviance as normal, even to the point of teaching children to embrace libertine lifestyles.

No, just because the crimes are old doesn’t mean the problems are in the past.

Mass. lawyer releases new list of alleged abusers – SFGate.

6 thoughts on “Old Crimes Do Not Equal Old Problems

  1. Perhaps the endorsement for deviant behaviours that is currently being embraced by the public educational system rests with Politicians who, fearful of their own misdeeds being exposed to the light of public opinion , await the day everything perverted will gain acceptance. A certain exhibitionist running for public office now in NYC is on the News nightly being filmed shouting down voters defending his scandals face to face in public.
    The more you can shock the more likely you will be photographed. Celebrity matters more than integrity.
    Afterall, where was the public outcry and retribution for those who were involved in…

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