“The law is a ass–a idiot”

If the facts in this article are accurate, then this is just one more example of how true, and broadly applicable, Dickens quote is to so many of our laws today: “the law is a ass–a idiot.” Politicians are so eager to pass laws that make themselves look good, or benefit some constituency, or that further some pet agenda, the unintended consequences are not adequately considered.

The safety of children throughout the country is going to continue to erode, especially in states like Massachusetts where permissiveness toward freakish sexual behavior even in the schools is metastasizing. Only in a values free, sexually self indulgent environment could a rapist ever be so bold as to demand parental rights. And only in such an environment would a family court judge consider it.

Raped and Impregnated at 14, Girl Must Now Share Parental Rights with Her Attacker | Alternet.

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