California Correctness

It’s now official. In California, boys can declare themselves to be girls, and girls can declare themselves to be boys and based on that can decide which restroom or locker room they choose to use. Jerry Brown signed the bill today, a bill that I warned about some time ago.

This is the politically correct California elected officials using California children as part of a massive social experiment. How, exactly, is this in the best interest of children. Doesn’t this just spread confusion?

Boys who think they are girls, and girls who see themselves as boys need psychiatric help to straighten out their thinking. Failing to get them that help is negligent . . . Oh, wait. California already made it illegal for parents to seek that kind of help for their children.

On second thought, this isn’t just misguided political correctness. This is evil.

Jerry Brown signs transgender-student bill – San Jose Mercury News.

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